Smaragda Papoulia – Vasilakoudi was born in Athens .
During her first painting lessons, she is taught by T. Pandos and S. Koukoulomatis (1981 – 1984).
In 1984, she is the first student to be accepted with state scholarship into Athens’ School of Fine Arts. She studies Art amongst P.Tetsis, G.Valavanidis and stage design with V.Vasiliadis. She graduates with honors.
In 1980, she becomes a member of “The collective center of Artistic activities” (“SYN”).
She is a member of “The Chamber of Fine Arts” of Greece. Her work can be found in museums , Ministry of Culture ,Bank of Eurobank and many private and public collections .
From 1984 until today part of in numerous group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.


1984‘’Old and New aspects´´Syn
1988 “Group ‘88” Sin,-Eleftherias Park,Athens
1991 “1st salon of young artists” Aenaon
1992 “Small art work – miniature” Aenaon
1992 “Transformations – costume party ‘92” Aenaon
1993 “3rd salon of young artists” Aenaon
1994 “Greek scenery” Aenaon
1996 “Spring-Summer” Aenaon
1996 “1975-1996-20 years Sin” Sin
2002 “Children” Aenaon
2003 “Group exhibition” Cultural center of Markopoulos
2003 “Nude” Art room of Hydra
2004 “Group partner exhibition” Aenaon
2005 “Ports of Hellenism” State museum of contemporary art
2005 (Aenaon & state museum of contemporary art) Thessaloniki
2005 ´’View to the sea’’ Tower Marcellous-Aegina
2006 “Group partner exhibition” Aenaon
2007 “Group partner exhibition” Aenaon
2009-2010 “Human figure in art” Gazi - Technopolis
2011 ‘’First page '' Aenaon
2011 ‘’ Me the other ‘’ Argo
2011 ‘’ Fashion puts target in breast cancer‘’ Goulandris Museum
2011 ‘’Eternal flight Olympic Airlines’’ Pol.k.e.o.a.
2012 ‘’Spring dialog’’ Aenaon
2012 ‘’Art Works small dimensions’’ Argo
2013 ‘’Here we are’’ Aenaon, Athens
2013 ‘’ Art for life ‘’ Gazi-Technopolis
2014 '' Sea - primordial womb ‘' Gallery- sculpture gallery of art-idea Athens
2014 ‘’Love- Retro’’ Arts Centre Kastela
2014 ‘’20 Years from the creation of Evonimous library’’ Gazi- Technopolis
2014 ‘’Ôhe artinfotoday in Kolonaki’’ Aenao
2014-2015 ‘’Group exhibitions’’ Argo
2017 ‘’BeLoved UnLoved’’ Terra Petra
2017 ‘’ Mesologi and Lord Byron ‘’ Gallery C. & P. Moschandreou- Argo
2017 Art Athina Argo
2017 "ART begins at the end of your comfort ZONE" Art zone 42
2017 "Aegean light in modern art´´ Municipal Gallery Mykonos-Maria Inglessi
2017 " Á black Ford´´ Heraklion Museum of Visual Arts
2017 "The Experience of Dreaming" Tsichridzis Foundation
2017 ‘’ NAKED NIGHT corresponding with passion´´ Heraklion Museum of Visual Arts
2017 "Rebetika" Museum Tsitsani-Trikala
2017 “Small art work´´ Argo
2017 ´´Hidden Escapes´´ Art Centre Kastela
2018 ´´Nature Inside’’ Depot Gallery
2018 ´´60 artists offer their works for Doctors Without Borders." Argo
2018 "VARYPOINITES Conviction or Atonement" Fine Arts Foundation Tsichritzis


2008´´Painting on objects´´Arkadiani hall, Arkadia
2010 retrospective cultural center of Stemnitsa, Arkadia
2011 ´´“Figure praise ´´Argo, Athens
2015 ‘’Narration women’’ Gold gallery
2011 “Figure praise” Argo
2010 ‘’Ñetrospective’’ Cultural center of Stemnitsa-Arkadia
2008 “Painting on objects” Arkadiani Hall- Arkadia